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Who We Are

Ahuja Group is a showcase of game changing ideas, driving growth and differentiation. We believe that change is inevitable and this motivates us to tap into global growth. At Ahuja Group we deliver quality beyond compare, to serve any customer, any channel at any time. We build tomorrow's enterprise, optimise business and enhance end to end customer experience.

We aim to become a premium conglomerate benefiting both the company and our client, following the highest standards of professionalism. A team of passionate, innovative, committed young minds driven by an intuitive zeal that arises form their emotional engagement to the organization serves our very purpose of seamless thinking and working together and outperforming competition. Our ideas come alive because we believe in them and we uphold superior values leading us into emerging big ideas. This facilitates us foray into new sectors and markets, giving our commitment to sustainability and deriving returns efficiently.

After understanding the demands of our customers and leveraging diverse competencies to garner organisational benefits, we strive to finish before deadlines and achieve best rhythm for Ahuja Group.

The Ahuja Group Head Office

What We Do

Started in 1970, today we are a leading manufacturer and suppliers of a wide variety of industrial products and services including Fluid Conveyance Products, Material Handling Equipment, Mining Products, Wire & Cable Tools, Industrial Spares and Equipment, etc. We also provide aligned consultancy, after-sales support, annual maintenance contracts, and preventive maintenance and repair services across product verticals.

Some of the world's most successful organizations rely on the Ahuja Group to deliver measurable business value addition to their businesses. We provide world-class products and engineering services to help clients in over 30 cities build tomorrow's enterprises, today.

Our ISO 9001: 2015 Certified facility can be leveraged as a co-creation engine to accelerate innovation across the enterprise. We give back to the community through the Ahuja Foundation that funds learning and education.

Our Lean and Flexible processes make the best economic sense, with the least amount of acceptable risk. Continued leadership around the "The Toyota Way" enables us to drive extraordinary efficiencies and free up clients' resources for strategic transformation or innovation initiatives. Ahuja Group takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. Over 80 % of our revenues come from existing customers.

We are a group of dedicated engineers, technicians, mechanics, diploma holders, and associates some of whom are with the group with over 35 years and have pledged their hearts and souls to the cause of excellence.

We have achieved many milestones in our profession and we endeavor to achieve many more. Our clients have always praised our work and we provide them with the best and most reliable services of all. Every product created by us over the years has involved meticulous preparation and cautious detailing which we continue to do even today.

How We Do It

Ahuja Group helps companies derive the measurable business value that they have always been looking for from business and investments in plant and machinery. We deliver measurable business value in 3 ways:

Our History

A century ago Madan Lal Ahuja had mines in Burma (now Myanmar) and migrated to Sargoda (now in Pakistan). During the division of India in 1947 he moved with his family the 2nd time to Jaipur (the Pink City) and established a Medical Wholesale and Retail business. He then brought a new concept to the state of Rajasthan - the dry cleaning business. His son Virendra Kumar Ahuja wanted to do something even more enterprising. He wanted to become an engineer so he started on the journey to join the premium engineering institute of India the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi in Bihar.

After completing his BSc. (Engineering) from the institute he wanted to give back to this fabulous institute and hence joined there as a professor. After 3 years of educating the youth there, he came back to Jaipur and joined the family business. Eventually he joined the Capstan Meters to gain some industrial experience.

In 1970,, he was ready to take on the journey to form his own enterprise. He began in a humble way and never looked back. The evolution of a family business over half a century to become Ahuja Group, is building a legacy, based on the strong foundation of tradition, full of trust and excellence.


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